CHANA Dedo Bag

฿ 1,890.00


Brand : CHANA
Designer : Chanajit Hnudat (Mc)

“Hobo-style recycled fabric bag, crafted with sewn plush polyester and adorned with a wire-pattern print that captures the impressive touch and positive feelings derived from what we encounter. Drawn from nature, people, and the culture of the southern region, they are utilized in the design process. The concept revolves around the idea of “TEMPORARY,” symbolizing the transient nature, much like waves that come and go, leaving an impermanent form. This is reflected in the fabric chosen for this collection, where once it was a water bottle, and today, it is a piece of cloth.”

Color : Water, Belinac, Wave, Desert, Rock, Noir, Aurora

Product Size

  • 10 x 33 x 46 cm


Weight 0.2 kg

100% Recycled Polyester