Dapper Smart 70s

     “Dapper smart 70s” was created as a capsule
collection that pays homage to popular culture of the 1970s. The collection is a contemporary rework of iconic prints and silhouettes popular throughout the hippie movement. Clothing and accessories express this experimental edge through the choice of fabrics, graphics, colours and cutting– all fitting as stylish wear for the festivities.
     Colour plays a significant part in this collection, with midnight blue and crimson red dialing down the tones on long-sleeve shirts.
Ever-popular blazers are casually constructed with minimal lining in jacquard fabric and matched alongside slim fit pants.
     To further enhance a classic and sporty vibe, versatile bomber jackets come pattern printed to be combined with navy blue slim fit jeans. Accessories take centre stage for “smart 70s” gents through white and pink toned slip-ons, leather sneakers and backpacks, messengers and stationary cases fancifully embossed with the numerals 7 and 9.
     Limited production run so be quick to get your groove on to sexy 70s.