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Dapper General Apparel Company Limited is a manufacturer-cum-trading firm of garments, leather shoes, and accessories for men and women under four House of Dapper brands

Dapper integrates a balanced business portfolio in parallel to establishing a strong and consistent brand image over all of its fashion lines by positioning itself in the "premium mass" market segmentation.

The company started its business in 1979 in men’s apparels focusing on dress shirts, trousers, and ready-to-wear suits for businessmen under the Dapper moniker.

The progressive second decade sees Dapper diversified into both men’s and women’s leisure wear market. In the third decade, the brand’s specialty shifted towards lucrative footwear

Men, women, and young adults can immerse in the full Dapper experience throughout eleven complete range Dapper Exclusive shops and nine DA+PP stores at prime locales in five key cities.

party dresses for effortlessly elegant women at eight dedicated Dapper Women corners. Footwear and leather accessories are always a part of the fashion picture at Dapper.

The scope of operation continues to expand nationwide as well as internationally in the form of stand-alone exclusive shops, and outlet stores all over Thailand and export markets in several Asian and European countries.